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Halloween Dance 2011

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Look out Dorothy!  You have beaten the wicked witch, but I think this guy is the headmaster of a whole school of witches. Who is the clown? Enough sitting around.  Get dancing!
Some people just can't enough of the camera Break from dancing Our door staff.  No Tickee - No Dancee.  Our cashier and bouncer will see to that.
Alice and Julie Can't wait to finish class. Larry the Wizard
I vote for the rabbit ballerina dancer No wonder Dr. Livingston got lost.  He kept going in circles This how we choose the best costume.  Duke it out!  Get ready -- Go!
Karen and Pat, clowning around And the best costume is ..... What is growing out of Dick's head?
This woman is no plain Jane Mike and Tricia Gotta love Jim
I think she is very excited to have these two studs at her side Our caller has guts "I'm not clowning around girlie!"  Dave is a little concerned.
Marty congratulating our costume winner Black and Blue all over Sharon and Chuck
Pat is peeved.  These guys get to mug the camera and she has the cool costume Our rule is no texting while dancing.  She is hiding out in the kitchen Syracuse Orange?
Carl and Mike "And your little dog too!" Our club contenders
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Mike and Tricia

Mike and Tricia

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